Practical information

We wish you a warm welcome to our international toddler group! We hope you and your child(ren) will enjoy coming along and sharing the fun.

We have put a little information together about toddlers which will hopefully make you first visits smoother and straight forward.


First visit:

Your first session is free and hopefully you and your child will enjoy our play session and come along and join us on a regular basis! You can find us in the canteen of the football ground on Weddeloop 6, Voorschoten.



We ask you to pay a contribution of 5 euros per adult and child on your second visit and from then on. We ask for an extra contribution of 1.00 euro per extra child attending (over 9 months old).

You can either pay per visit or monthly in advance. You can pay in cash, via direct transfer or via Tikkie. If you wish to transfer money, discuss this with Danika via email.

We have a sign in book and money pot which runs on an honesty basis.



Juice, biscuits, fruit, coffee etc. are provided and you are welcome to help yourself, though please try to ensure that your child eats at the table as much as possible.

Please note: fruit and juice for kids will only be offered for 20 minutes sometime between 10am and 10.30am. Parents must sanitise their hands before serving their kids fruit, and must return their bowl to the counter after their child is finished eating.



To make our sessions as safe as possible, please keep your children out of the kitchen area. Please be aware that you are responsible at all times for your own child(ren).

The committee asks that we do not put any nappies in the bins, so please take your little parcels away with you! (there are bins just outside the canteen!).



The group is run by volunteers and we need every helping hand that we can get! Please help with getting toys and at opening time and also tidying them away at the end. In addition you are welcome to volunteer to take on one of the vacant committee positions or if you prefer something more informal, we would welcome help with light cleaning e.g. a quick sweep.



During the (British school) holidays older siblings are welcome to come along too.

We are NOT open during the Dutch holidays!! However, we do arrange play dates in a nice playground during the summer holidays.

We hope you will have an enjoyable time at toddlers and make lots of great friends. We look forward to seeing you there.